17/06/19Three years in business

Three years in business

While sitting by the pool in Seville, I reflect on three years in business.

My drive for leaving a great job and financial security, to start a new business from scratch, was to help clients to build Financial Plans to provide a return on their life and not just the money.

The past year has been, by far, has been my most challenging. It’s also been my most rewarding year in business.

As we continue to grow a strong client base with clients who can benefit from looking at Financial Planning, not focusing on the money or the investment returns, they may or may not receive. I am confident in my decision to build a client-centric business.

We have helped numerous client this year to plan of life-changing events including retirement, dealing with traumatic relationship breakdowns, and facing life alone as a widower.

I have helped a head teacher retire two years earlier than she expected. Having worked for 40 years, she thought it was a possibility but not sure how to make it come to reality.

Reviewing, existing plans and being able to challenge the client’s beliefs regarding what can be achieved is an excellent part of the job.

I helped a couple married for 30 years, to start to talk to each other about their finances and what they were individually worried about, they had not spoken to each other in the past as they both held fear of upsetting the other one.

Discussing money can be difficult; however, we have helped them repay their mortgage and planned a retirement commencing in 3 years

However, the majority of my clients have been single women, through relationship breakdowns, bereavements or just chosen to be alone.

These ladies have benefitted from sitting with someone who has had personal experience and empathetic toward their needs during one of the most stressful and traumatic times of their lives.

Proud of achievements

When clients take time to reflect on their experience of working with me and leave a client testimonial, this leaves me with a great sense of satisfaction.

So when I received a supplement featuring the UK’s Top Rated Advisers arrived with my copy of The Times, I was over the moon that my client reviews have helped me achieve this accolade.

Not only was I listed amongst the top 250 highest rated financial advisers in the UK, but my photograph was taking pride of place on the front cover of the supplement!

I have spent a lot of time this year going into schools with Leicestershire Cares to help with interview skills to help educate students and discuss the various career options.

We sponsored the Snowys under 7’s football team for Oadby Owls, and the team have grown and developed this year and ended with a great tournament win this year.

What’s Next?

I continue to build a successful lifestyle business, working with likeminded individuals, looking to live the best lives they can.

I’m passionate about clients sharing their experiences of working with to encourage more people to embrace taking financial advice and working with a professional who is passionate about improving client’s lives.

With this in mind, we are preparing a series of client videos to share, why working with me has helped them make positive decisions.

Anyone who knows me will know my greatest passion are my children (followed closely by drinking gin, while on holiday!)

ISJ (the inspiration for the name of my business), continue to grow and develop into amazing individuals

Isha has completed her first year in A-levels.

Shaylen has just completed his penultimate year at university studying Pharmacy, and Joshua is still getting over Derby County making it through to the playoffs but not winning the Championship. Life is complicated at 7!

Looking to the future, I will be speaking next month at an event for Women Empowering Women to discuss the challenges faced in a male-dominated profession and how I have built a successful business, to encourage more females into the profession.

Thank you for everyone who has supported me during the past year in business, and I look forward to continuing to serve you in the future.

The past year has been, by far, has been my most challenging. It’s also been my most rewarding year in business. Click To Tweet

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