25/02/19Named as one of the UK’s Top Rated Financial Advisers

Named as one of the UK’s Top Rated Financial Advisers

I had a nice surprise this weekend when a supplement featuring the UK’s Top Rated Advisers arrived with my copy of The Times.

Not only was I listed amongst the top 250 highest rated financial advisers, but my photograph was taking pride of place on the front cover of the supplement!

The survey featured the individual financial advisers who received the most positive reviews from their clients during 2018 on the adviser ranking website VouchedFor.

In total, 1,172 financial advisers from 737 different companies across the UK were included in the printed guide in The Times.

To represent the top tier of these financial advisers, within the top 250, is a real honour and I am very grateful to all of my clients who submitted positive reviews to make this achievement possible.

VouchedFor is the UK’s leading financial, legal and accounting advice directory and review website.

It’s especially valuable as a tool for consumers because all of the listed financial advisers are checked against the financial services register from the Financial Conduct Authority.

In addition to the regulatory check, VouchedFor checks the qualification levels claimed by the financial adviser, who must confirm their independent or restricted status.

It was interesting to note that the majority of the top rated financial advisers to feature in this edition of the guide were independent financial advisers.

You can see the digital edition of the guide at https://assets.vouchedfor.co.uk/guides/ultimate-guide-2019.pdf, which my appearance on page 5 – as well of course as on the front cover!

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