People who are divorcing

There’s no doubt that any separation, or divorce, is an emotional time. I should know, I’ve been through it and have the scars to prove it.

But, I’m living proof that life goes on and in many cases, what feels painful now, can work out for the best.

However, despite the emotion that will be invoked, divorce and separation will undoubtedly, at some point, lead to more practical matters. That includes, sorting the finances:

  • The financial settlement comes first, whether you are working through lawyers, or not, financial advice is crucial so you understand the implications of the settlement
  • Next, where will you live? If you are moving to a new property will you need a mortgage? If you’re staying in the family home, what steps do you need to take to remove your former spouse or partner from the mortgage?
  • If you have protection policies these will need to be reviewed and potentially altered. If your former partner or spouse will pay maintenance, there may be a case for ensuring that it will continue if they are ill, or die
  • How will the divorce affect your retirement planning? The financial settlement may mean your former spouse or partner is entitled to part of your pension; the opposite is also possible. Whatever you agree, understanding how the split will affect your retirement, and then making any changes which might be appropriate is crucial
  • If you’ve previously made a will, this will probably need rewriting following your divorce

Divorce is a time of great emotion and change, I am here with you though, acting as a guiding hand, helping take care of the finances, so you can rebuild your life.

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People who are divorcing

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